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Vagrant setup files for SabNZBd+, Sickbeard, Couchpotato, Headphones, Newznab and so forth

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vagrant-nzb is a tool that can help you setup Virtualbox boxes for the most popular usenet media tools. The goal of the project is to minimize the hassle it can be to set them all up individually and also to make them portable. The first version of the tool can to some extend manage this for SabNZBd, Sickbeard and Couchpotato. Although this project is aimed at using usenet for downloads you can use torrents or some other method instead.


You need Virtualbox and Vagrant


Use this method if you are not changing any of the default options.

$ git clone
$ cd vagrant-nzb
$ vagrant up

Vagrant will create the boxes spin them up. The first time it runs it may take some time as the default box image needs to be downloaded. You can then open up the services in a browser

You will need to do some config once the services have started. For SabNZB run the wizzard. The sickbeard and headphones config will be partly updated with sabnzb info.


Edit default options in and in the Vagrantfile. You can use VBoxManage or VirtualBox GUI to change properties of the machines, the default ones are set up using 512 MB and one processor.

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